Burn Ordinance & Notification


Dorr Township
To submit a burn notification please read the ENTIRE Ordinance and fill out the requested information.  This is a burn notification for Dorr Township residents that wish to burn as long as they qualify according to the Dorr Township Fire Ordinance No. 16.

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Part 191
Ord. No. 16
Adopted:  March 5, 1987

191.001  Applicability.
191.002  Purpose.
191.003  Foul odors.
191.004  Permit; hours to burn.
191.005  Permit; information required.
191.006  Penalties.
191.006  Effective date.


An Ordinance to regulate the setting of fires and to provide penalties for the violation thereof, and to provide a method for the collection of costs and expenses to the Township caused by setting of fires.


191.001 Applicability.

Sec. 1. This Ordinance is adopted in the interest of public safety, and is designed to promote the general peace, health, safety and welfare of the Township of Dorr. 

191.002 Purpose. 

Sec. 2. This Ordinance provides for the control of fires, burning of trash and rubbish, obtaining of permits, and establishes hours to set fires and to prevent foul odors caused by burning. 

191.003 Foul odors. 

Sec. 3. No person shall burn garbage, animal carcasses, food waste, rubber, plastic, refuse, rubbish or like material giving off foul and offensive odors, or toxic fumes, at any time. 

191.004 Permit; hours to burn. 

Sec. 4. No person shall set or cause to be set, burn or cause to be burned, any paper, trash, rubbish, leaves, cut grass or weeds, when such a fire is located within 200 feet of a neighboring dwelling or structure, unless the person has obtained from the Chief of the Dorr Township Fire Department or a duly authorized representative of the Dorr Township Fire Department a permit for such fire or fires. Hours of burning, with or without such a permit, shall be from sunrise to not later than 9:00 P.M. 

191.005 Permit; information required. 

Sec. 5. Any person, partnership, firm, association or corporation deciding to set or start a fire for which a permit is required by this ordinance, must obtain a permit from the Fire Chief of the Dorr Township Fire Department or his duly authorized representative which states the name and address of the applicant, location of the land and premises where such fire is to be set, and the time contemplated for setting such fire. 

191.006 Penalties. 

Sec. 6. Any person, partnership, firm, association or corporation who shall set or start an open fire without a permit as required by this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction thereof, be subject to a fine or penalty, of not more than $500.00, or by imprisonment in the County Jail of Allegan County not exceeding 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment; or who sets an open fire which necessitates calling the Dorr Township Fire Department, shall pay to Dorr Township all costs and charges incurred by said Township by reason of calling the Dorr Township Fire Department. The Township of Dorr may also sue in any court of competent jurisdiction for civil damages and may recover such costs and expenses incurred by them from any person, partnership, firm, association or corporation who sets such an open fire without a permit. 

191.007 Effective date.

Sec. 7. This Ordinance shall become effective 30 days after its publication in a newspaper circulating within Dorr Township.

Published: March 25, 1987