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Dorr Township - Directions
4196 18th Street, Dorr, MI 49323
phone: 616.681.9874
fax: 616.681.2411

Office Hours:
Mondays - Thursday
7:30am to 5:30pm
Closed Friday

Please note that appointments can be made to accommodate most schedules.  Please also feel free to leave messages during non-office hours.

Jeff Miling
616-681-9874 Ext 101

Debbie Sewers
616-681-9874 Ext 102

Laurie Perry
616-681-9874 Ext 103

Michael Richmond
616-681-9874 Ext 104

Where is the Township office located?
The Township offices are located on the southwest corner of 142nd Avenue and 18th Street.

Township Demographics
(2020 Census) Population 7,439 - SEV:  448,305,100 - Taxable Value: 313,033,015 - Parcels:  3,543

How do I get involved?  Anyone interested in applying for a position to an appointed board or commission, please send your resume to the Township Office.  These will be kept on file for 6 months.